Radek Chrapkiewicz


Currently Postdoc at Stanford University

Email: radekch (at) fuw.edu.pl, radekch (at) stanford.edu

Phd Thesis

Generation and characterization of spatially structured few-photon states of light

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  1. M. Jachura, R. Chrapkiewicz, R. Demkowicz-Dobrzański, W. Wasilewski, K. Banaszek, Mode engineering for realisitc quantum-enhanced interferometry, Nat. Commun. 7, 11411 (2016), arXiv:1504.05435
  2. R. Chrapkiewicz, M. Dąbrowski, W. Wasilewski, High-capacity angularly-multiplexed holographic memory for enhanced-rate generation of photons, arXiv:1604.06049
  3. R. Chrapkiewicz, M. Jachura, K. Banaszek, W. Wasilewski, Hologram of Single Photon, arXiv:1509.02890
  4. M. Dąbrowski, R. Chrapkiewicz, and W. Wasilewski, Magnetically tuned, robust and efficient filtering system for spatially multimode quantum memory in warm atomic vapors, arXiv:1507.08963
  5. M. Jachura, R. Chrapkiewicz, Shot-by-shot imaging of Hong–Ou–Mandel interference with an intensified sCMOS camera, Opt. Lett. 40, 1540-1543 (2015)
  6. M. Dąbrowski, R. Chrapkiewicz, and W. Wasilewski, Hamiltonian design in readout from room-temperature Raman atomic memory, Opt. Express 22, 26076-26091 (2014)
  7. R. Chrapkiewicz , W. Wasilewski, and K. Banaszek, High-fidelity spatially resolved multiphoton counting for quantum imaging applications, Opt. Lett. 39, 5090-5093 (2014)
  8. R. Chrapkiewicz, Photon counts statistics of squeezed and multimode thermal states of light on multiplexed on-off detectors, JOSA B 31, B8-B13 (2014)
  9. R. Chrapkiewicz , W. Wasilewski , and C. Radzewicz, How to measure diffusional decoherence in multimode Rubidium vapor memories?, Opt. Commun. 317, 1-6 (2014)
  10. R. Chrapkiewicz and W. Wasilewski, Generation and delayed retrieval of spatially multimode Raman scattering in warm rubidium vapors,Opt. Express 20, 29540-29552 (2012)
  11. R. Chrapkiewicz, W. Wasilewski, Multimode Spontaneous Parametric Down-Conversion in the Lossy Medium, J. Mod. Opt. 57, 345-355 (2010) arXiv:0910.4929
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